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Life Round Here

Chelsea Spear1 Comment

the new year is here and i've committed to making waves in my own life. these aren't resolutions, they're disciplines and lifestyle choices that i hope will have a meaningful ripple effect. 

seek wisdom from history.
I dream of the past often, and it's mystery, just as I would about a book that I haven't finished yet. Through studying art, culture, science and great men and women who have come before me is an exciting and long-term decision. 

take care of yourself, child.
I realize that we all have only one shot at this life, and one life in this body, and in order to live a full, happy life, it's time to start caring about how I treat myself. Emotionally and physically, it's time to rid myself of bad habits like smoking and drinking and wake up to the reality that I want to live healthy, so I can see the next generation and watch the beauty of life unfold.  

in all things, simplify.
each day, every craving and desire, I hope to focus on what's essential, what really matters, and let the rest fall away. In reality, we will always have more than those less fortunate. Giving is far more rewarding then getting.



Chelsea Spear is an art director and editorial producer in Portland, Oregon.