Good Reads June // Weekly Inspiration

I am constantly finding new sources of inspiration. I realize that word, inspiration, may be played out but that doesn't bother me one bit. It's the only way I have to describe the feeling I get when creative passion takes over, and I stop thinking practically and more like an artist. It's my favorite feeling, and It's constantly evolving, which keeps me on my toes. 


This week, I'm inspired by the creative people in my own life. Browse the links below and discover their creative passion taking over, hopefully inspiring you as well:

+ Party in a Box, anyone?!
+ I want to kill myself when I see how much talent this girl has.
+ Ever have a girl crush? Yeah, me too.
+ Why not take a vacation?
+ Look into the future...
+ HELP ME, I can't stop laughing!

Chelsea Spear is an art director and editorial producer in Portland, Oregon.