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Chelsea Spear1 Comment
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What drives you? What challenges you?

These two questions have me all shaken up this week. I've been in Alaska for 10 (rapidly approaching 11) months now, and I have very little to show for it creatively until now. I have an entire room in my home dedicated to creativity, yet why is it that I only made 2 things last year?! 

I don't know that I've ever experienced this level of determination to change things, while feeling so honestly confident in my choices (please don't confuse this new onset confidence with cockiness or anything snobbish -- that is far from the truth). Rather -- I think that this is the first time I've allowed myself to feel proud and self-assured that what I want is really what I want, not what I think others want from me. I've realized that I am the source of my drive BUT I am also my own biggest challenge!!! So --- I've decided to fight back.

My friend Bethany said it best, "I ain't got time for that!" she proclaimed! Such passion for making her dreams a reality and prioritizing creativity and studio time above coffee with friends and copious other social events that tend to suck time away from creatives, now has it's own slogan... and I'm catching on.

Chelsea Spear is an art director and editorial producer in Portland, Oregon.