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Sunrise on the Butte // Life In Alaska

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Sometimes my I like to hike; sometimes being the key word. However, I was recently contacted for a freelance project that called for Alaska's mountain heights and grand views. While I'll wait to disclose the project until it's released, here are some shots that didn't make the cut. I went to location after location for this project, but one of my favorite views was found on The Butte, a simple little mountain in the middle of the great Mat-Su Valley, with a perfect 360 degree view of incredible mountain ranges and snow-topped peaks. It made this sunrise hike so rewarding and glorious, despite being negative 5 degrees outside!

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All Photos by Michael J Spear

( Special thanks to the amazing Abby and Andy of Prospect Goods for gifting me with this life-saving Pendleton blanket. It made the weather so much more manageable! )

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