Learning (Part 2) // In My Studio

photo 2.JPG

Sew, sew, sew. Pin, pin, pin. Occasionally my studio hours are far less exciting than I wish they actually could be. However, after 3 hours of draping, pinning, editing, re-pinning, sewing, hemming, and lots of iced dirty chai lattes -- I completed my slip dress. The dress itself is quite predictable in nature, which will make it the perfect new staple for my wardrobe. I thought about adding pockets, but due to the attitude of the fabric I vetoed the option, thinking it would add a weird puckering/bunching at the waist. Instead, I decided to sew in some slits and a leather loop collar rather than traditional straps to shake things up, and make it more modern. These two simple details made the dress feel much more "me," and helped take this garment from nightwear to streetwear.  

photo 1.JPG
photo 3.JPG

I'll post the finished product soon, for reference. 

Chelsea Spear is an art director and editorial producer in Portland, Oregon.