Eyes Wide Shut // Life In Alaska

Eyes Wide Shut // Life In Alaska

I finally returned home from my 3 week vacation to Oregon / Washington, and it feels strange. I was getting used to living out of a suitcase, and in many ways I think it has put so much of my life into perspective.

I can't quite explain what changed for me, except everything. I've met so many wonderful new people, shared food, laughter, drinks, stories and world views with them and they've taught me things without even trying. I have bonded with them over new dreams and it's opened my eyes to new realities. I've made lists and I'm checking things off, slowly and one by one.

Bethel Mountain Hike _ Edited 1.29.JPG

This year is going to be strongly rooted in progress. Not necessarily the achievement or accomplishment of one big thing, but the forward movement of working towards a dream and making strong steps in a positive direction.

"Until your dream becomes more important to you than your fear of rejection, you will never succeed"

now ... all I need is courage.

Chelsea Spear is an art director and editorial producer in Portland, Oregon.